Abdo Rafiq & Partners provides a variety of immigration services including legal advice and assistance relating to Citizenship by Investment, Residency by Investment or Immigration by Investment.



A second passport & citizenship provides a useful opportunity to travel the world without visa restrictions or the benefits of visa on arrival. It provides new business opportunities and entitles you to travel, better healthcare, improved tax regime, stronger education system and global access to a world without boundaries.

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Second residency program with a destination of your choice can offer you the flexibility of immigration in to another country in case you need to relocate. Depending on available programs, you may even defer the relocation to a future date. Such programs can also include added benefit of access to travel across the European Union and the Schengen zone with built in eligibility to apply for second citizenship if you and your family do decide to relocate to the destination country at a later date.

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Immigration by Investment is a preferred option for high net worth individuals. For business owners and investors who have ambitious growth plans but are limited in their reach because of international borders, a suitable Immigration by Investment program might be just the solution you are looking for as Immigration by Investment can be structured as a guaranteed pathway to obtaining residency and citizenship for you and your family.

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  • Advising on available citizenship options based on your requirements and determining which programs you should consider;

  • Advising on available Citizenship by Investment programs and eligibility requirements;

  • Guidance on your application process and processing of forms for immigration applications;

  • Assisting with entire cycle from application preparation to filing of applications for change of citizenship or obtaining a second citizenship.


Our team of international consultants and lawyers have in-depth knowledge of global immigration programs with each program offering its own unique solution and our immigration department service is designed to provide a professional service with access to global citizenship investment programs.



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