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Dr. Rami Sulaiman


T: 800-ARP-LAW (800-277-529)


Arbitration, Mediation, Litigation, Banking & Finance, Islamic Transactions, Civil, Commercial, Investment, Corporate, Real Estate


Dr. Rami has extensive experience with ADR, particularly Arbitration, where he has been successful in settling more than 70 arbitration cases related to Banking & Finance, Islamic Transactions, and Corporate Advisory.

Dr. Rami is currently working as General Secretary of International Arbitration Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration (IICRA) since 2018. Prior to his appointment as General Secretary, Dr. Rami was Head of Arbitration in IICRA and other law firms and was working as In-House Legal Counsel at AAFAQ Islamic Finance. Dr. Rami has a superior understanding of Arbitration matters and has served as the Sole Arbitrator and Co-Arbitrator in more than 70 arbitration cases.

Dr. Rami regularly advises a number of UAE publicly listed companies on various matters from arbitration and litigation to civil, commercial, corporate, real property and related transactions.

Dr. Rami is award-winning for his innovative works by University of Sharjah for developing a unique innovative banking solution in 2016 (WAQF Debit Card product), along with an honorary recognition from Ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan al Qasimi, as well as Dubai Government on his innovative contributions.


  • Settling arbitration and reconciliation disputes.

  • Drafting Islamic transaction documents.

  • Advising Islamic banks and its clients.

  • Advising clients from Commercial, Investment, and Real Estate.


LLB. Institute of Law - University of Constantine, Algeria (2003)

LL.M. Palestinian Bar Association Certificate (2005)

LLD. International Commercial Arbitration from the British Institute of Sciences (2022)


Arabic and English

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