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Business Continuity

Abdo Rafiq & Partners Limited provides a range of business and legal services continuity products including consultancy and advocacy through our unique approach.



We only work with reputed industry specialist advocates as our associate partners which allows us to provide advocacy in the local courts thus ensuring business and legal services continuity protection and significantly minimizing any impact from a client having to rely on sole proprietorship advocacy service providers.


Our aim is to offer a comprehensive array of legal solutions to help our clients with all their legal requirements in the UAE and we endeavour to deliver tailor-made legal solutions for non-contentious as well as contentious matters whether the same be in the UAE Courts or Arbitration Centres. All of our associate partners have been carefully appointed given our team’s decades of experience in the UAE legal services sector. Abdo Rafiq & Partners and its associate partners aim to combine know-how in the local court procedures and expertise in international consulting skills.



Abdo Rafiq & Partners has developed a truly unique service structure for its clients by ensuring that we will at all times remain the engaged firm for the legal services and the client will as a result gain access to specific industry sector experienced advocates in local court matters in the UAE.

Our local courts advocacy services are designed exclusively to help our clients receive the high service levels for any litigation matters under the UAE Courts without encountering the common problems usually associated with UAE advocacy firms.

We are confident that in our unique approach to managing and representing clients in local court matters we will remain committed to our team ethos which is to safeguard and represent our client’s interests to the highest professional standards.

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