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Residency by Investment (RBI) Programmes

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Residency by investment is when a foreign national invests in a country and is then granted temporary residency and will therefore have the legal authority to live in that country for a period of time. A temporary residency permit or a visa such as a Golden Visa are often granted to the applicant in these circumstances. Depending on the type of visa issued, a temporary resident can lawfully live, work, study, or do business in the nation without becoming a citizen. RBI requires the applicant to invest in a nation where they intend to reside in the future and the process is used to gain temporary and permanent residence.

The typical duration of a temporary residency permit is one or two years, with the possibility of renewal. A foreign investor can apply for a permanent residency visa after a certain amount of time—generally five years—of lawful and continuous presence in the nation, providing other conditions are satisfied. Typically, the permanent residency status grants foreign nationals nearly equal privileges to those enjoyed by residents of countries that provide citizenship via investment. Permanent residents are not subject to any temporal limits when it comes to where they can live, work, or study. Additionally, obtaining permanent residency potentially entitles you and your family to citizenship for life.

For most countries, the most popular residency by investment option relates to the purchase of real estate. Everyone has different motivations for purchasing a permanent home. People invest in second homes to perhaps expand their mobility internationally and to take advantage of excellent living standards, high levels of education, and high quality healthcare. To safeguard their wealth, improve the quality of life for their family, and take advantage of the complete anonymity and privacy provided by investment programmes in the majority of nations, ultra-high and high net worth individuals opt to obtain residence through investment. RBI programmes can be more limiting, generally restricting dependents to immediate family members such as spouses and eligible dependents. A nation's primary motivation for offering a scheme for residency by investment is to attract foreign capital to strengthen its economy. These nations want to bring in cash, talent, and expertise while also producing work and tax income.

What is a Golden Visa:

A Golden Visa is simply another way of describing residency by investment and enables people to obtain residency in a country along with their dependant family members. Many European nations now offer Golden Visa schemes to anyone seeking to settle there and eventually gain citizenship.

Golden Visa programmes are primarily based on real estate purchase, investment fund subscription, money transfer, or donation, however the needed investment amounts vary. You can begin your application procedure as the principal applicant once you've chosen your investment type.

The majority of Golden Visa programmes permit family inclusion; thus you are able to add members of your immediate family. Grandparents and in-laws may also be included in some nations.

The fact that you don't have to relocate to the nation in order to obtain a Golden Visa is what makes it so alluring. Remember that you can only maintain your status by travelling to the nation with the appropriate frequency if you have business interests in your home country and are going to apply for a Golden Visa as a "Plan B."

Depending on the country's residency requirements, golden visa programmes may result in citizenship. It's five years for some nations. In others, you might not be qualified until you have lived there continuously for ten years. The following are the most popular countries which offer Residency by Investment:

  • Portugal

  • Malta

  • Greece

  • Turkïye

  • UAE

  • Cyprus

  • Ireland

For more information:

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