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Thinking about the Caribbean CBI programmes

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Gorgeous beaches, tropical temperatures and natural richness of the Caribbean states automatically draw out visitors and investors to the region from all over the world. The list contains famous celebrities, vacationers and homeowners attracted to all of the above benefits and also the tax advantages.

Significant changes in the region's mobility, migration, and tourist patterns have been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous Caribbean nations that rely on tourism for jobs and general economic well-being have been negatively affected by border closures and travel restrictions. Despite the challenges in 2021 alone, there was more than 1.6 million immigrants residing in the Caribbean area, according to estimates from the UN on international migration (including intra-regional immigrants and immigrants from countries outside of the region). Of this 1,6 million, 46% (approximately 746,000) were foreign immigrants, primarily from South America and Europe.

Of the Caribbean nations, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Suriname have restricted immigration by not providing a citizenship by investment program . Although the majority of the Caribbean nations provide citizenship at birth (jus soli) only five of the Caribbean countries, with minimum investments of USD 100,000 grant automatic citizenship.

Choosing a particular country for the citizenship program is not always an easy decision. The ARP immigration team provides you with up-to-date program details, citizenship by investment comparison, due diligence and application processing. In other words the ARP Immigration team is able to assist and advise you all through the process and seek approval on your passport application on your behalf.

Contact our dedicated Citizenship by Investment (CBI) team at for the various options available in the Caribbean.


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