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Multiple paths to Canada: Permanent Residency, Work Permits and Study Permits, and eventual Citizenship

Canada is actively seeking professional immigrants to fill a country wide labour and population shortage.

Progressive society

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Canada is known as a friendly, diverse and tolerant nation. As USA’s neighbour to the North, Canadians enjoy a mature and developed economy leading to many opportunities for careers. Canada also offers world class educational opportunities, free health care for all Permanent Residents and Citizens as well as wide open outdoor spaces and unparalleled recreational activities. Canada’s government focuses on immigration year on year and is opening up new immigration programs on a regular basis. A large proportion (over 20%) of the current population in Canada comprises of newcomers/immigrants.


38.6 million


English and French, bilingual


Canadian Dollar


Mixed market economy with a focus on the service industry


Canada offers many pathways to Permanent Residency including temporary entry for students and those wishing to work in Canada, the Economic Class for younger professionals looking to settle in Canada, the Family Class for those with close relatives who are Canadian, and investment options like the Start Up Visa Program. Canada is a country with a strong collective belief in human rights and equality and provides a permanent solution for families looking to significantly change their future. 

Step 1
  • Canada’s large range of immigration program options makes it easy to choose Canada. 

  • The most accessible program is the Economic Class where a points based system is used (called Express Entry) to select immigrants with the required language skills and education. 

  • Family Class for children and spouses of Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents, Parents and Grandparents. 

  • Temporary Entry to allow foreign nationals to work and study freely in Canada. An excellent pathway for those looking to study professions at world class institutions and then settle in Canada afterwards through the Post Graduate Work Permit scheme, and eventually attain Permanent Residency.  The standard path is:
    Study Permit -> Degree -> PGWP -> Canadian Experience Class -> Permanent Residency -> Citizenship

  • Many sub-options available to apply through programs such as the Provincial Nominee Programs that can give an application a boost!

  • Business Immigration such as the Start Up Visa Program is available for those who want to invest and incept an innovative business idea in Canada. Cost excluding investor input is approximately $250,000-300,000 Canadian Dollars. 

  • Immediate option to include all dependents (usually spouse and children) on any application. 

Step 2
  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years residency within a 5 year period as a Permanent Resident. 

  • Continue to maintain Permanent Residency by residing in Canada for a minimum of 2 out of every 5 years.


Canada offers a wide variety of immigration options with something to offer anyone ready to enjoy Canada's beautiful mountains and friendly people.

Learn more about citizenship, permanent residency, or the Start Up Visa Program.

As an entrepreneur, your journey to Canada can begin through the Start Up Visa Program. For those with a unique business idea and the capability to start up a successful and innovative business in Canada, this is the option best to pursue.

Start Up Visa Program

The business concept must meet the following basic requirements: 

  • Innovative

  • Potential to create jobs for Canadians

  • Can compete on a global scale

Throughout the application process you will gain access to the required support through Designated Organizations in Canada, being either an Angel Investor Incubator Scheme or Venture Capital Fund. 

When compared to other immigration options in Canada, the Start Up Visa Program has a more generous language testing requirement of “CLB 5” which is achievable by many. 

Specific investment by the individual or a company is not required, however the cost to the applicant for the entire process is approximately $250,000 - 300,000 Canadian Dollars.

Steps to Permanent Residency Under the Start Up Visa Program:
  1.  Present an innovative business plan for a new business, or to move an existing business to Canada.

  2. Find a Designated Organization to invest and provide a “Letter of Support” 

  3. Meet the minimum language requirements

  4. Provide proof of funds to support all family members during the settling in period. 

  5. Apply for Permanent Residency for all family members including spouse and dependents. Option to concurrently apply for and come to Canada on a Work Permit. 

  6. Option to come to Canada running the business in Canada for a period of time on a Work Permit. It is optional and not necessary to apply for a Work Permit, allowing applicants to decide whether to wait for the approval of Permanent Residency before moving to Canada. 

  7. Gain approval of Permanent Residency application. 

  8. Apply for Citizenship after 3 years as a Permanent Resident. 

  9.  If your business fails eventually, it doesn’t affect your permanent resident status. The Canadian government recognizes that not every business will succeed and this program is designed so that the risk is shared between the public and private sector.

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We ensure that your application is a successful and pleasurable experience.

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